Child And Spousal Support Enforcement

Child and Spousal Support Enforcement Lawyers in Los Angeles

Need Help Enforcing Child or Spousal Support in Los Angeles?

Ensuring timely and full payment of child and spousal support can be a significant challenge. If you are experiencing difficulties in receiving the support payments decreed by the court, the Law Offices of Eliza Glants in Los Angeles are here to help. Our experienced support enforcement lawyers specialize in securing the enforcement of support orders to ensure that you and your children receive the financial assistance you are legally owed.

Understanding Support Enforcement

Child and spousal support enforcement involves legal procedures used to compel a former spouse or parent to comply with a support order. This can include garnishing wages, seizing property, intercepting tax refunds, and other legal measures. Our attorneys are well-versed in both state and federal laws regarding support enforcement and are committed to advocating for your rights.

Why Choose Law Offices of Eliza Glants?

Expert Legal Representation

Our lawyers have deep expertise in the complexities of support enforcement and are skilled at navigating the associated legal challenges.

Aggressive Advocacy

We understand the importance of securing support payments for your financial stability and the well-being of your children. We are dedicated to pursuing every available legal avenue to ensure compliance with support orders.

Comprehensive Legal Services

From assessing your initial situation to taking action in court, we handle all aspects of enforcing child and spousal support orders.

Child Custody Services We Offer

Our firm provides robust support enforcement services, including:

  • Analysis of your current support order and enforcement options
  • Filing motions for enforcement with the court
  • Representing you in enforcement hearings
  • Working with local enforcement agencies to implement wage garnishments, levies, or liens
  • Assisting with interstate enforcement issues if the payer lives outside California

Effective Strategies for Support Enforcement

We employ a variety of strategies to ensure enforcement of support orders:

  • Locating the non-compliant party and their assets
  • Initiating contempt of court actions, which can lead to fines or even jail time for non-compliance
  • Negotiating with the non-paying party to establish arrears payment plans, when possible

Committed to Your Financial Security

The failure to receive court-ordered support can create financial distress and hinder your ability to provide for your family's needs. At the Law Offices of Eliza Glants, we are committed to helping you enforce these orders so that you can maintain financial stability.